Welcome to a Dark Tide Over Cormyr

Update 09/08/2012

Updated the Adventure Hooks section. Added some of the people and places that the players have encountered or have discussed in game.

Update 8/24/12

Some minor character updates. Adding info about Suzail that will be available upon entering. Also changed the format of the Adventure Log.

Update 6/11/12

Got the formatting for the cities down. Check out Tyrluk. More links and pages to come!

Update 6/11/12

This is our new campaign homepage. Here the players will find all the information available to their characters and a good database for the people, places and other things of note for the ongoing campaign. On this main page I will try to keep updates to the Wiki and new information noted that way you won’t need to dig through the whole Wiki for new information.

That said, today I am in the process of building the bones of the Wiki and the information that will be needed in the beginning of the game. So feel free to post up your characters in the campaign and as I work with you all I’ll tag your characters on things specific to them as well.

Hope you enjoy, and happy gaming!


Dark Tide Over Cormyr

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