Dark Tide Over Cormyr


Mirtul the 22nd – Mirtul the 26th, The Year of the Gauntlet (05/22/1369 – 05/22/1369)

(Forgive me if events are not exactly as they had occurred in the game. Given the holidays and our couple week break from game, I’m having trouble recalling the exact series of events and how they came together)

Treachery, betrayal, death.

The group had only just seperated of course. Alwyn and Dhurst, as frustrated as Dhurst was, went on in pursuit of Galdoreth as Tempust and Ength (with Seph) went to confront Lord Woodbrand with the details of Dhurst’s assault and theft of gear. The next twenty four hours would become a turning point for the group, one which would signal either a new beginning for the troupe or a spiral toward darkness.

Ength and Tempust went on as planned to speak with Lord Filfar Woodband of Waymoot, who had always been known in the realm as a man who takes crime in his city very, very seriously. Tempust took the lead in the conversation with Woodbrand, imparting the importance of the assault and gear lost to the group. The meeting became a bit heated after a time as Ength took Woodbrand’s cool demeanor as something more akin to being blown off by the Lord. However as the men walked out of Woodbrand’s office, they did so with the assurance of Filfar that he would begin an investigation and do what was in his power to aid the travelers in recovering their gear and bringing the half-drow to justice.

Upon their return they spotted someone following them. When they went to investigate the fellow, they found he had fled. Given the assault on Dhurst and the theft of his gear they found themselves on edge. After some investigation in the alleyway that the pursuer fled into turned up nothing, they made their way back to the inn.

After a while at the inn they found themselves confronted once more by Alwyn, whom they had only split up from a few moments previously. Alwyn was changed though, looking haggard and old. He seemed to have doubled in age, had thinning hair with streaks of grey. He had the same peppy demeanor, but seemed a step slower as he attempted to answer the questions that came flying his way. As he discussed their situation and how he had become aged very quickly, Galdoreth joined the group once more, having entered into the city invisibly.

The two began attempting to explain their ordeal (See Adventure Log Update “On the Oceans of Eternity”. The events of the far realm have been unlocked to view by everyone, since it was explained by Galdoreth and Alwyn). After retelling the events of the Far Realm, the conversation turned bitter shortly after though, as Galdoreth and Alwyn began discussing the future of the group and their belief that Seph was a catalyst for evil, pulling Ength down a dark path.

Eventually Ength became fed up with the discussion, angered at the hypocracy that the others in the group displayed. He took Seph and left the table, heading upstairs and away from the rest. The argument continued without him though, as Galdoreth and Alwyn discussed with Tempust what would come next. Threats of leaving the charter were made right along with bluster of writing reports to the King regarding the problems present in the charter. During the discussion Lord Woodbrand entered the inn and approached the group, presenting them with Dhurst’s missing items and explaining that the issue had been resolved. Galdoreth looked very confused, but no disagreement with the situation was made while Woodbrand was present. Galdoreth then revealed that he had been approached by the Half Drow just outside the inn as he came to join the group. The Half Drow had returned Dhursts things to him and revealed that Alwyn had attempted to broker a sort of working relationship with their one time enemy. Somehow Galdoreth managed to be stolen from while they were sitting at the table and the items brought to Woodbrand. The situation was a confusing one, one that seemed to point back to Ength and Seph.

The party disbanded for the evening, looking to gain information about how they might save Dhurst from the limbo he had been left in. In the morning everyone met around the breakfast table, but Galdoreth was strangely absent. After a while, Alwyn went to check on their companion and found him dead in his bed, his neck slit from ear to ear and one of the Fire Knives scarves, similar to those they had retrieved back during the Fire Knive eradication in Suzail, laying on his chest. Ength, Alwyn, Tempust, Seph and the rest of their companions made quick work of trying to come up with a plan. It was eventually agreed that Alwyn would remain behind to guard the body of their friend while the other two would find Woodbrand and see about getting help tracking down the assailant.

When the group came back together Alwyn became very agitated. Ength had spoken to Woodbrand and it seemed as though Woodbrand would do what he could to help, but didn’t have any desire to come investigate the scene directly. Alwyn was furious, believing them to be blown off, despite the common belief that Woodbrand was a fair and authorative leader.

Alwyn then returned to the Half Drow as she had summoned him. He had requested aid in the collection of Dhurst from the Far Realm and the Half Drow had managed to make good on her word to help. Alwyn managed to collect Dhurst without problem, although he later revealed that the Half Drow and her companions, a Drow Mercenary company named Bregan D’aerthe would be calling on the group for aid some time in the future for exchange. After reuniting, Alwyn and Dhurst went to see Lord Woodbrand to try and make sense of the events of the hectic day once it was realized that there was little to no chance that the Fire Knives had operatives in the city and that the assassination attempt on Galdoreth was likely a set up.

When they came together once more Alwyn and Dhurst explained to Tempust that they had been involved in trechary from within. Alwyn and Dhurst decided that they needed to trust Tempust fully, that everyone needed their cards on the table, and that if the group was to succeed at all, it needed to do so together. After the discussion with Woodbrand revealed that Ength had been the one to kill Galdoreth in his sleep and attempted to cover it up by pointing the group in the direction of the Fire Knives, while also using the influence of the Royal Charter to pursuade Woodbrand to stay out of the affair. As further evidence of a disruption in Ength’s routine, Seph had hurriedly packed in the morning and left the group with some of the followers back to Suzail. Tempust listened to the whole series of events and let out a big sigh at the end. It was agreed, the betrayal couldn’t be ignored.

The group packed up and left town, as Woodbrand had been pretty specific in his desire to see the group leave the city and not return. He had become frustrated with them all, finding their methods troublesome and their actions disruptive to the general flow of his city. They set out for Espar, loading up the body of Galdoreth with hopes to see him revived.

A few hours after they set out the party turned on Ength. Tempust launched the first wave of attacks, however Dhurst and Alwyn quickly joined the fray, cutting down their companion. It was a bittersweet moment for Alwyn, who had wanted to see his old friend in a different light. Tempust turned his attention to Carth, the hellhound companion of Ength, to see if he could be convinced to serve a better purpose while Alwyn set out to give Ength a proper burial. Meanwhile Dhurst took the break to return briefly to Waymoot to attend to a personal matter.

After concluding the situation with Ength the group continued on to Espar, where they were met with friendly faces. Gzelder Yespar couldn’t cast the spells necessary to revive Galdoreth, but a number of other priests and clerics from other allied deities were in the town helping to rebuild after the demon attack a few months back. After a time, the group was able to bring back their companion and fill everyone in on the current events. At the other side of the events they stand looking forward, more unified than before.


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