Dark Tide Over Cormyr

On the Oceans of Eternity

Mirtul the 22nd, The Year of the Gauntlet (05/22/1369)

The group took the time to discuss the situation at hand as they revived Dhurst from his crippled state. Tempers flared and hope seemed to fade as the group spent a few moments pointing fingers and assigning blame for mistakes made by many. The group found itself at a divide, but as they made their way back across town to speak with Lord Woodbrand about the theft, Alwyn spotted the ghost-image of Galdoreth covered in blood, fleeing town once more.

Placing a higher value on his companion than Dhurst’s gear, Alwyn urged the group to save Galdoreth. However Tempust and Ength maintained that getting Dhurst’s equipment back was extremely important, and there may have been a hint of Tempust seeking vengence amongst the conversation. Dhurst, furious with Alwyn refused to accompany him after Galdoreth, but after a few moments of consideration by the group as a whole was urged to go along, while Tempust, Seph and Ength (with his crew) went to speak to Lord Woodbrand, believing that Dhurst’s anger may impede such a discussion more than help it.


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