Dark Tide Over Cormyr

The New Chapter

Alturiak the 27th, The Year of the Gauntlet (02/27/1369 DR)

A moment to breathe. The group has undergone a great deal of trials over the last month. Finding themselves thrust inadvertently into the middle of a plot to overthrow the ruling family of Cormyr, the Obarskyr’s, after ruling since the birth of the country. They overcame the challenges put before them despite losing some people along the way. This day marks the battle at Vangerdahast’s tower. A day that will be remembered in Cormyrian history books.

Under a waxing gibbous moon on a chill, frosted night the sky lit up in Cormyr. Citizens in the city close enough to take stock on the spectacle would have bore witness to an epic battle in the heart of the capital city of Suzail. The tower stood, surrounded by the mysterious energy field that was protecting it, just as it had for weeks before. Then there was a crackle in the electric field surrounding the tower, the first signs of change the entire time it had been in place. Less than a minute later came another sputtering of energy, and the field dimmed.

That’s when the War Wizards began to unleash their spells. Blast after blast sent into the protective field. Offensive attacks and defensive dispell magics flying through the air and causing the electric field outside to arc with energy expent. All at once it was gone, the field disrupted!

A cheer and cry of battle went up as Purple Dragon Knights and War Wizards alike stormed the tower, entering to find the cut down and fried corpses of both Vangerdahast’s personal War Wizard troupe and black, shadowy goblinoids. Ignoring the fallen, immediately realizing that ill was afoot the assemblage charged up the steps of the tower, entering by the dozens, then hundreds to fill the tower with troups to battle whatever evil was ahead.

They found the Waylanders, accompanied by a lone War Wizard fieldman from the far western reaches who quickly explained the situation to the lead of the assemblage. The charge went up, flooding past the group and into battle on the next level. Wasting no time, the group joined the charge, cutting down the shadow goblin casters and their black bugbear guardians until they reached the top level of the tower, the massive observatory and research platform that Vangerdahast uses for his most sensitive and secret work.

Within the observation tower the massive front of combatants immediately went to work, blasting away at the six demonic figures that all seemed to be aiding in the casting of some imprisonment spell upon Vangerdahast, who writhed within helplessly. Standing before them was a beautiful pale skinned elven woman in a flowing red dress, chanting rhythmically. As soon as the combatants unleashed spells though, the concentration for the imprisonment spell was broke and Vangerdahast freed from his prison. The reaction was immediate, the elven woman turning toward the tide of combatants filling the room and roaring. Immediately her shadow filled the room behind her and her visage changed, from something beautiful and serene to something scaled, carnal and devilishly destructive. The shadow behind her took shape and seemed to pull from the walls within the tower, taking solid form around her body and gripping her with inky tendrils, the once fair skin turned scales spread throughout the shadowed tendrils and gave the darkness substance, that of a hellish dragon, unleashing it’s breath weapon with her primal roar.

The entire tower seemed to go black all at once. The dark fire flames erupting with the force of a volcanic eruption. For a moment there was only the heat, sucking away the screams of those who dared expose their lungs to the searing, putrid breath. A massive tremble shook the tower and suddenly there was light. Not the magical globes set in the walls throughout the tower, but the moon high above in the frigid air. The entire top of the tower had been blown away with the breath blast of the draconic woman along with parts of four floors below in the tower. Bodies were laid out haphazardly, many charred corpses tossed to the northeast of the tower and into the city along with the top of the tower in the initial impact of the blast.

It took a few moments for those still alive to get their bearings. Buried beneath rubble, bodies or some combination of stone and gore together. Those that were able could get a look above though. In the sky above the tower, backlit by the moon above there were eight figures dancing in a whirlwind of magical explosions over Cormyr. Many of these errant spells cast awry, spinning off below into the city itself. The six demonic figures surrounding Vangerdahast, launching wicked magics and Vangerdahast defending himself as best he can. Behind them all though, the shadowed dragon creature flared, sending massive spells at Vangerdahast. Those that were still breathing pitched in, launching spells from below at the group above. It didn’t take long before the tides turned, the added spell power of the War Wizards allowing Vangerdahast to get the upper hand.

As if on cue, the group of six demonic beings teleported away, the draconic figure staying only a moment longer to take in the view of the smoking tower and the bent, nearly broken Vangerdahast flying toward her, massive spell ready to be launched. She then teleported away as well, leaving the ruined tower and it’s broken people for parts unknown.

There was no clear direction this night, everyone knew their duty. The Waylanders, War Wizards, Purple Dragon Knights and citizens from nearby districts alike all turned out to aid in the recovery of the dead, aid of the wounded and mourning of the great loss. The silver lining being that word spread quickly of the King’s recovery. Rumor had it that Aunadar Bleth had been the real villian and not Vangerdahast. No one really had time to sort through all of that though, as the recovery and rescue efforts went on into the night and over the next few days.

(More to come!)


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