Alusair Obarskyr

A princess of Cormyr


Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr is a princess of the kingdom of Cormyr, and the youngest child of king Azoun IV and queen Filfaeril. She has long, flowing ash-blonde hair and gentle oak-brown eyes that do not seem to fit with her sometimes hard and stubborn manner.

Born in 1335 DR, a year after her sister Tanalasta. Though hot-tempered and impulsive, she led the life of a typical Obarskyr princess (though she spent more time riding with knights than most princesses). Her father the king struggled to instil within her a sense of duty to the nation, wishing to curb her desire to see the world in favour of a life at court. At the age of 21 Alusair, believing that she could do more good for Cormyr with a sword in her hand than she could stuck at court with the nobles (a life she had little patience for anyway), fled Suzail for a life of adventure in Eleasias of 1356 DR.

She had an ally in the form of a priest of Gond named Gharri Wondermaker who was also the regent of Tilverton, its de facto ruler before the occupation by the Cormyrian military earlier that year. That same occupation saw all of Gharri’s responsibilities taken away in all but name and inspired him to leave with Alusair when she passed through the city. They only spent a short time together before parting amicably but Alusair soon heard that Gharri had been murdered by bounty hunters in her father’s employ. It was not the king’s intention for the priest to be killed but his death steeled Alusair’s resolve to not return home.

One story claims that she left because of an arranged marriage proposal but had been in the Stonelands for just over a year before being captured by the Fire Knives and held in Tilverton until adventurers rescued her. She briefly spoke with her father before leaving again.

Over the next four years, she is said to have visited the Moonshae Islands, Waterdeep, Ravens Bluff and Damara searching for the Ring of Winter until settling with a clan of dwarves in the Earthfast Mountains who joined her father Azoun’s crusade against the Tuigan Horde in 1360 DR. It is said that she was re-united with her father during that campaign and earned a lot of respect when she temporarily took over her father’s army and later personally captured and broke Yamun Kahan’s standard. She returned to court that winter after tying up some loose ends.

Though she still rankled at court life when she returned and spent as much time as she could riding away from Suzail. She was never able to fall into a political seat of her own, and when she did get involved in the Cormyrian affairs she usually preferred to focus on military matters. After only 3 years back at court, a further falling-out with her father saw her leave the civilized country once more. While technically still within Cormyrian claimed territory, Alusair has spent the last few years exploring the lawless Tunlands. Visiting and attempting to build relationships with the various small tribes of the area supposedly in name of the King. However the wider belief is that it is simply an excuse for Alusair to avoid the politics of Cormyr while not completely disappearing as she did when she was younger.

Alusair Obarskyr

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