Erik Hezom

High Cleric of Helm and Governor of Espar


An old man, generally dressed in the finery of a High Cleric of Helm. He wears his robes and holy symbol proudly. Strong arms and a wide set of shoulders show a man who keeps in good shape, dispite being quite old. His hair and beard are white, but well kept. Blue eyes burn with the passion of his faith and a soft, knowing voice of a man who has seen a world of good and bad speaks words of compassion and hope to all who seek his aid.


Lord Hezom is a human cleric of Helm and lord of the settlement of Espar in Cormyr. He maintained a shrine to Helm in the settlement and treats the sick and wounded there. Prior to this, he was a full-time priest of Helm.

He now splits his time between his clerical duties and the duties of Governor. Although the sleepy town barely needs one, given the lack of traverlers through the settlement. However given the amount of crops that are supplied for the greater Cormyr area in the little settlement, Hezom was elected as an impartial party to help as an in-between the farmers of Espar wanting to get top dollar for their crops and the government of Cormyr wanting to pay the least amount possible to feed the realm.

The farmers of the town leave negotiation of the King’s prices to the Lord, who often enlists the help of his assistant Gzelder Yespar. Gzelder has an impressive ability to negotiate and get a fair deal for all involved, and rarely is there a deal that Lord Hezom does not discuss first with Gzelder.

Getting on in age, Hezom still walks with the briskness of youth. However the weary lines in his face and pure white of his hair and beard betray him. While he feels his best work is behind him, he is still very loyal to his patron god and will help any traveler that passes through town.

Erik Hezom

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