Filfar Woodband

Lord of Waymoot, called Trollkiller.


A man in his mid fourties, but built better than most in their twenties. Filfar looks as though he was pulled from the overly embelished pages of some bard’s story. With shoulder length blonde hair that is always neatly kept and a shaved, crisp look to his chiseled chin. He has soft eyes and a broad, happy smile. However those are usually among the last of the features that people notice upon first meeting him.

He is built like an ox. Rippling in muscle and standing at closer to seven feet than six, one might wonder if he were half ogre or some other monstrous race if it weren’t for his so very human looking features. A body that has been built over a lifetime of training and weight training, the imposing figure easily disarms with a smile.


Filfar earned the moniker “Trollkiller” in his youth. When he was barely a man at all, Filfar was already strong and tall, a figure to take notice of as he wandered town and aided in catching unbroken horses. The town has always suffered from the occasional troll raid, as the trolls throughout King’s Forest had once called the area nearby home. It was one such raid, which took the town unexpected and with a suprisingly light militia that Filfar earned the reputation.

He raced across town, unarmed and unarmored as other townsfolk ran away from the largest troll raid that anyone could ever remember. Where everyone else fled, Filfar attacked head on with nothing but his bare hands. The battle was brutal, and spilled through the streets. Filfar at some point started grabbing the oil lanterns on the patios of the nearby buildings and smashing them over each Troll. After nearly an hour, Filfar stood alone in the streets among a pile of troll corpses, still smoldering in the firest of the lanterns. Many with ripped limbs and broken bodies. This was the scene that the townspeople took on when they came out of hiding, and what immediately earned him his place as leader in the town in fact, if not in title. Although it didn’t take long for the King to hear of the deed and quickly appoint the young man to official station within the town, grantime him and his family lands and an estate.

Filfar has always been loved by his town and gives back in every way he can. Although he dislikes the nickname Trollkiller, he has no problem showing his strength off for the amusement of citizens and visitors alike.

Filfar Woodband

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