Mordoc SeLanmere

The Pale Knight, King of Vampires.


Once a man of fine tastes and lavish nobility, Mordoc grew up in a time when the ages of man were young and life a bit simpler, if more dangerous. Centuries later he continues to exude refinement and a charismatic aura that can make a foe believe him friend or those that find themselves beneath his wrath quiver with fear. Flowing black hair, tinged with silver and delicate pale skin does little to hide his nature as the dead eyes look on, however his disarming smile and way he carries himself easily make you forget about the evil nature that pervades his very being.


Mordoc SeLanmere, also known as the Pale Knight or the White Prince, was the self-proclaimed first and utmost powerful vampire king in all of Toril. Mordoc was the disciple of Eldrith the Betrayer, he, however, was not a loyal servant to her. He did provide to her slaves and members for her army.

Mordoc SeLanmere

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