Vangerdahast Aeiulvana

Royal Court Wizard of Cormyr


Vangerdahast usually wears reddish brown robes. He is average height and slightly overweight, with dark brown eyes that become red when he is angry. His hair and beard are white with a few remaining reddish brown streaks, although he has also been described as bald-headed. He has a slightly protruding belly. He normally looks about fifty years old, though it’s well known that is not his true age.

Vangerdahast is perhaps the greatest mage to have ever taken up the mantle of Mage Royal. For decades he has controlled the Kingdom of Cormyr, in fact if not in title. While the king is out fighting the wars and sitting on the throne, Vangerdahast keeps the court in order and keeps control of the various factions who wish to dethrone the King. He is the overall leader of the defenses of Cormyr and only the king can command him. His title of Mage Royal allows him control over the two main military factions of Cormyr, the knights known as the Purple Dragons and the mages and wizards of the War Wizards. He can also to a large extent control the Harpers who reside in the kingdom. He was trained by Elminster and therefore knows spells and magics far beyond the average wizard.


Vangerdahast Aeiulvana

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