Geographical information
Type Settlement
Size Small Town
Area West Cormyr

Societal information
Population 260
Races Humans 98%
Half-Elves 1%
Other 1%
Primary Commerce Farming.
Exports Food.

Political information
Local Ruler Lord Erik Hezom

Espar is a sleepy hamlet on the west side of the small lake Plungepool. The town itself is composed of about 120 buildings, many of which are used for farming and storing of equipment or livestock. The town sees very little action, although there are a number of people who pass through the hamlet on their way to Plungepool or along the west to south Way of the Dragon road that leads from High Horn down to the capital city Suzail. That noted, the town is not a big destination for travelers and only has one inn within the town. Most who pass through view the town view it and it’s people as boorish and uninteresting.

Thirty miles to the northwest is High Horn hold and fourty miles to the southeast is the town of Waymoot. To the north and south of the town is the King’s Forest, while at the west is all farmland until the Stormhorn mountains begin. To the east the town borders on the lake Plungepool, although the side of the lake that the town borders is privately owned by farmers and unable to be approached lawfully.

Residents of Espar are almost all farmers, with the exception of the one smithy and one innkeep in the town. The town is run by Lord Hezom, who is a previous full time priest of Helm. While he still retains his faith, he was unanimously tasked with imparting his wisdom to the safekeeping of the town. He has not disappointed, and the town has had a longstanding time of peace with the exception of the rogue dragons that plagued the area a few years ago.

Lord Hezom also maintains a large shrine to Helm that he uses to aid anyone who might need his aid. He is seen as a healer and protector and is often sought out by citizens of Waymoot and Tyrluk for his healing abilities when they become ill.


Espar was established around 734 DR to aid in providing food for the High Horn hold military establishment. However the town took on it’s own independence fairly soon afterward as the governing body in High Horn decided it was too cumbersome to govern two towns in addition to the hold.

The town has existed pretty much the same for it’s existance as a small farming village with little turmoil. In the past the farmers have had problems with each other price gouging others for contracts with High Horn hold, the primary source of income for the town. However recently that was resolved when the town unanimously declared the priest Lord Hezom as the leader and arbiter of all transactions for the town. Being an independent and unswayably unbiased choice, he has been fair to all he governs. He also helped protect the town and aid those in need two years ago when rogue dragons attacked the region, keeping the town’s losses to only 5 citizens during the attacks.

Places of Interest

Watchful Eye (Inn)
Quiral’s Goods (Smith)
Espar Shrine to Helm (Temple)
King’s Forest
Stormhorn Mountains

People of Interest

Lord Erik Hezom
Gzelder Yespar


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