High Horn

High Horn

Geographical information
Type Stronghold
Area Northwest Cormyr

Societal information
Population Around 400
Races Humans 100%

Political information
Local Ruler Lord Commander Thursk Dembarron

High Horn is a mountain pass in the northwest region of Cormyr that seperates it from lands further west. The road passing through the pass is the High Road and it sees a large amount of traffic. The fortification was the first built in the Storm Horns by dwarves who emmigrated from Anauria, as they were hired to carry out the necessary excavations by the newly established Cormyr nation

The stronghold features large stone buildings cut into the mountains themselves, with above and below ground areas within it. The entire stronghold has been fortified along both sides of the pass and features gates able to be dropped, sniper points, battlements, oil drops and escape routes that lead all through the mountain range.

Two years ago rogue dragons plagued the area and the Lord Commander with his soldiers eventually cornered and killed the dragons. This both solidified his place as Lord Commander and made him a household name through the realm.

Recently the Lord High Marshall, Duke Bhereu Ammaeth arrived at the stronghold with a contingent of soldiers. It is unknown what business the Duke arrives with, but the area surrounding the fort have been astir with the news.

People of Interest

Lord Commander Thursk Dembarron
Lord High Marshall Bhereu Ammaeth

High Horn

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