King's Forest

The King’s Forest encompasses a large portion of the overall Cormyr kingdom. At one point, the forest was one large unbroken woodland from the Stormhorn mountains, all the way to the Thunder Peaks and was known loosely as the Forest Kingdom. As Cormyr grew, commercial logging commenced to allow the building and infrastructure of the Cormyr kingdom in the way of roadways, farming and settlements.

The King’s Forest is now the largest forest within Cormyr, encompassing the entire western half of the kingdom. A great many smaller settlements reside within the forest proper, however these settlements are mostly smaller communities that supply the greater metropolis cities within Cormyr with animal pelts and wood.

The King’s Forest is almost completely devoid of dangerous creatures. It was cleared of threats nearly a thousand years ago and has only had the occasional beast be spotted over the years. This has made the routes through the forest preferred by many trade caravans. Bandits have always had a minor presence in the forest, but due to the amount of Purple Dragon soldiers coming and going from High Horn hold, and adventurers coming and going through the forest the bandits rarely establish permanent camps and are a fairly minor threat compared to most tradeways in greater Faerun.

A few years ago in 1368 DR there were a number of rogue dragons that used the forest to hide within as they ravaged the western Cormyr settlements. The Purple Dragons eventually routed the threat however, and reestablished safety in the forest.

Areas within King’s Forest

Crown River

King's Forest

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