Roads and Tradeways

There are many roads and tradeways within Cormyr. Below is a list of the pathways that have known information about them.

High Road

High Road is a very popular trading route. It runs from the far east city of Iriaebel, well outside of Cormyr and follows the outer edge of the Western Stormhorns. It enters Cormyr through High Horn Pass in Northwest Cormyr, one of the most heavily fortified strongholds in Cormyr. While traders must undergo rather thorough inspections at this pass, they enjoy the safety that such a stronghold permits through such a monster infested region.

The roadway then continues through the northern most region of Cormyr through the settlements of Tyrluk and Eveningstar until it ends at the larger city of Arabel. The road skirts the flatlands between the Stormhorn mountains and the King’s Forest.

The roadway itself is large, enough for as much as 8 full size caravans to ride side by side. From High Horn hold to Arabel the road is cobblestone and upkept regularly by Cormyr. However the eastern section of the road outside of Cormyr is a large dirt road with hard packed soil that tends to be easy to navigate no matter the weather conditions.

The road tends to be one of the safest roads in Cormyr, with great visibility over the course of the route and few ambush points for monsters or bandits. Occasionally an overzealous monster will wander down from the Stormhorns to cause trouble, but the road is regularly patrolled by the Purple Dragon army and frequented by adventurers as well, leaving very little in the way of danger along the route.

Way of the Dragon

The Way of the Dragon is another very popular western roadway in Cormyr. It begins at a fork, splitting off from the High Road where it enters Cormyr in High Horn hold. It then turns southward and continues through the western King’s Forest through the towns of Espar and Waymoot, ending at the Cormyrian capitol of Suzail shortly after it leaves the forest for the southern flatlands.

Like the High Road, this roadway tends to be very safe. Wide enough for four caravan carts to travel side by side and cobblestoned the entire length of the road makes it a very common roadway for travelers, traders and military alike. The road is a busy one, and well protected with the amount of Purple Dragon patrols and adventuring parties traveling it’s length.

Bandits have been known to make attempt on the Way of the Dragon, but these bandit groups are shortly chased off or dispatched as word spreads of their deeds. Monsters are a non-issue on this path, as nearly all dangerous beasts have been cleared out of King’s Forest for generations.

Crown River Way

The Crown River Way runs from the settlement of Tyrluk and follows the Crown River south to the Way of the Dragon road just before it reaches Espar. The road itself is traveled semi-frequently between the two towns by the townspeople and traders between the settlements, but not frequented elsewise.

Off of the road there are dozens of trails and pathways left by animals and people alike. The trails are commonly used as game trails, and the hunting off the road is historically very good. The road also has a pathway that follows the river to Plungepool, a path that many take as a sort of pilgrimage to see the unique lake.

With less patrols and less adventurers moving through the area, there is a slightly higher risk of banditry on the road. Due to this it is recommended that those who travel the road know how to handle themselves versus a rogue bandit or two. That said, the threat is fairly mild versus other parts of Cormyr.

Roads and Tradeways

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