Turmoil in Marsember

With the removal of Jheg from power in Marsember it is clear that he had provided a measure of stability to the City of Mists. Jheg’s way of governing his syndicate and his methods required him to be in power for the continued success of the organization. With him gone the city has seemingly come unraveled.

Over the last two months the amount of petty crime in Marsember has risen 400% while more heinous crimes are also on the rise but actual figures are downplayed by the government. Meanwhile the black market has begun to affect standard trading, as black market dealers have begun undercutting the more profitable trading avenues available in Marsember. This couples with increased gang warfare in the less popular districts, occasionally spilling over into the wealthier districts.

This has all led to increased investigation by Xerion, the Commander of the War Wizards in Marsember. To top everything off the investigations have turned up several politicians and noble houses corrupt, fighting to hold onto their seats of power without the added influence and pressure of Jheg’s organization.

Several gangs have stepped in to fill the void, three prolific gangs with different agendas seemingly the most aggressive, believed to be former head operatives of Jheg’s.

Without a keen knowledge on the underbelly of the city, Xerion and the government of Marsember seem to be floundering in an attempt to quell the growing lawlessness.

Turmoil in Marsember

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