Geographical information
Type Settlement
Size Small Town
Area Northwest Cormyr

Societal information
Population 312
Races Humans 95%
Half-Elves 4%
Elves > 1%
Other > 1%
Primary Commerce Hospitality, farming, caravan repair, minor trade.
Exports Weapons, armor, cloth, food, timber.

Political information
Local Ruler Purple Dragon Constal, Rictr Crownsilver
Herald Suldag the Boar

Tyrluk is situated alongside the small Crown River at the foothills of the Stormhorn Mountains, right before the river disappears into the King’s Forest. The town has a small population of about 300 permanent residents, however the small town has many rather substantial inns within it and the number of people in the town at any given time is often upwards of 600 – 800 people.

Twenty five miles to the West is High Horn Pass and the massive High Horn hold military fortress that houses a massive garrison of Purple Dragon soldiers to patrol the mountain range and fortify the pass, which is used as a military checkpoint to keep the nation of Cormyr safe. That said, Tyrluk is the first available town as one passes into Cormyr from the northwest and sees a very large amount of visitors through the small hamlet in the way of merchant caravans, military troups, adventurers and travelers. Others still use the town as a start for the voyage following the Crown River to see the wonderous Plungepool at the bottom of the Crown River, where the river ends at a massive whirlpool sending the unending flow of water deep into Toril below the forest, a true wonder of the world.

Tyrluk residents are often innkeepers or those who work for them, stable owners or their employees, smithys or craftsmen specializing in items related to travel and battle for the Purple Dragons or farmers to supply the nearby garrison with ample foodstuffs. King Azoun IV has made sure to keep the permanent resident population of Tyrluk small and regulated by the garrison at High Horn in order to maintain the focus for the Purple Dragons on protecting the borders of the nation and not dealing with a booming trade-town. Due to that, nearly all commerce in the town of Tyrluk is heavily regulated by Thursk Dembarron, the Lord Commander of High Horn hold.

Lord Commander Thursk Dembarron does not reside in town, governing instead from High Horn Hold. However there can usually be found a Constal in town at the Dragon Office at the north end of town responsible for the town registry, governence, policing and organizing the travel and accomodations of High Wizards, officers of the Purple Dragons, Nobility and other important people associated with the Cormyr government.

Recently, the Lord High Marshall of Cormyr, Duke Bhereu passed through the town with a large contingent of Purple Dragons. He went on to High Horn, but his presence has caused quite a stir in town and the town gossip has been spreading. Of note, far fewer of the Purple Dragons who occupy High Horn have been seen in town at the local inns and taverns than usual with the Lord High Marshall in the area. This has led to the town being a bit quieter than usual and the inns and public houses seeing much less traffic than normal.


Tyrluk was established in 653 DR as a logging outpost for the High Horn hold garrison shortly after the hold was finished. As the forest was cleared, the town was slowly built up. For over half of it’s existance the town was not a town at all, but a military outpost entirely. In 933 DR it was deemed too costly to run the town using the crown’s coin, therefore the Lord Commander was tasked with ruling not only the pass at High Horn, but the small villiage at the edge of the forest as well in a civic capacity.

The town has always been unique, in that the Lord Commander has strict governing personel always on hand in Tyrluk to manage every facet of the town. The population is always heavily monitored and only ever exceeded 600 souls for a brief period in 1012 DR, when the Lord Commander at the time was chastised for spreading his resources too thin with the addition of policing the town’s population.

The citizens in the town make far less for their services than elsewhere in the realm, as any goods or services being sold or targeting members of the Purple Dragons or other personel in the Cormyrian government are sold at near-cost. However the townspeople do turn a profit on the merchants, caravans and travelers.

Just two short years ago in 1368 the town, along with Espar, Waymoot and Eveningspar was plagued by rogue dragons. This was the last time the Lord High Marshall was in the area, dealing with the threat. The town suffered a loss of 38 citizens during the assaults and a few buildings were damaged as well. Since then King Azoun IV has allocated more than enough funds to rebuild the infrastructure of the towns that were impacted by the rogue dragons.

Places of Interest

The Royal Crown (Inn)
Old Man’s Face (Inn)
The Wander Inn (Inn)
Tyrluk Public House (Inn)
The Adventurer’s Den (Inn/Tavern)
Oglul’s Cartworks (Smith)
Hammer and Nail (Smith)
Dragon’s Teeth (Smith)
Beyond Cormyr (General store)
Stonebred Stables (Stables)
Dragon Office (Government building)
Crown River
Stormhorn Mountains

People of Interest

Rictr Crownsilver
Thursk Dembarron
Bhereu Ammaeth


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