Geographical information
Type Settlement
Size Small Town
Area King’s Forest, Cormyr

Societal information
Population 1,825
Races Humans 97%
Half-Elves 2%
Other 1%
Primary Commerce Hunting, Pelts/Skins, Trade, Horses, Wagons.
Exports Pelts/Skins, trade goods.

Political information
Local Ruler Lord Filfar “Trollkiller” Woodbrand

This town of 1,100 folk is the largest settlement inside the King’s Forest and represents one of Cormyr’s formerly secret defenses. Originally a muddy meeting of trails in the trees that was haunted by trolls who preyed on many travelers, Waymoot was enlarged by cutting back the woods to make a campground, and then a large compound, and later a trade center complete with a fortified keep and a cluster of horse farms that provide the Purple Dragons with quality mounts in plenty. As the local saying goes: “Ever seen a host of mounted Purple Dragons lower lances and charge? Well, they’re riding Waymoot!” That saying has in turn led to a Cormyr-wide phrase for a mounted charge or thunder of approaching
hooves: “Waymoot come calling.”

Waymoot is a busy travelers’ town. Its lifeblood is all the folk just passing through. Some of them don’t even know that Cormyrean legend believes this is the true heart of the realm.

Cormyreans believe that the Obarskyr kings sleep in some spell-hidden grotto to which their essences steal after death. There they await the time when the land will need them again. When that fateful time draws down, they’ll rise, ghostly blades in hand, to ride the skies and smite the foes of the realm they loved and led.

And somewhere under Waymoot is where the dead kings sleep. Where? Under the keep, some say, and point to the everpresent feeling of watchful menace that many folk feel in its lower levels as proof. This theory is supported by the occasional ringing clangs heard there, echoing from the deeps of the earth; folk say these are the stirrings of the restless blades of the kings. Whether this is true or not, there is a special feeling about Waymoot.

The legend of the Sleeping Kings is overlaid with another tale, remembered in an old snatch of song that has become a children’s rhyme throughout Cormyr:

Bring me the key from dungeons deep,
Where undead knights a-rusting sleep,
That doth unlock the dragon’s door
And we’ll swim in gold forevermore!

This rhyme refers to a collapsed dungeon labyrinth under central Waymoot very real catacombs that were once the treasure vaults of a gold dragon that used its puny human form to store its gold in the abandoned undercellars of a long-vanished keep. The dragon was ultimately slain by a beholder who broke up into the cellars from a cavern below and presumably still lairs there!

Waymootans know these tales, but other Cormyreans and outlanders are more likely to have heard of the troll raids that forced earlier kings to create the great clearing that now holds Waymoot town and of the hero who almost single-handedly held off one troll attack the local lord, Filfar Woodbrand. Though he dislikes the nickname of “Trollkiller” he earned that day, Lord Woodbrand (now a seasoned warrior) remains prodigiously strong. He’s been known to hoist aloft two benches of seated drinkers at the Silver Wink, his favorite drinking spot, and carry them around the taproom without spilling a drop from anyone’s tankard.

Folk say Lord Woodbrand halted a wagonload of fleeing thieves once by blocking the two galloping dray horses all alone and then lifting them both off the ground to bring the wagon to a halt. Then the lord set the beasts down and straightway tore the reins apart like so many cobwebs to sever them from the wagon. The thieves drew steel and stabbed at him from out of the sides of their wagon, so the lord calmly picked it up and hurled it across a field, tumbling it end over end until it came to a halt upside down and the dazed men spilled out of it. In the course of collecting them, Lord Woodbrand bent the sword of one bandit who tied to hack at him into a halfcircle before picking the man up under one arm and going on to get the others.

Many drinkers at the Wink love to watch their lord show his strength: A favorite stunt of theirs is to play tug of war with all the visitors in the place. The lord stands alone at one end of the rope, his back to the door, and everyone else tugs against him. He usually drags everyone out of the place without any visible effort.

Once an adventuring band made the mistake of drawing weapons in a brawl in the Wink. The lord waded into the fray, plucked up each armed contestant, and hurled them over the heads of the brawling crowd and out the door. He neglected to open the door first. After that first brief and involuntary flight, a wincing local held the door open for the duration of the brawl, just in case.

The fortunate visitor may well witness Lord Woodbrand at play but should not be tricked into arm-wrestling with him or with any Waymootan. (Any Waymootans asked to wrestle will profess weariness and ask a friend [the lord, of course] to take their place.) Needless to say, Waymootans love their lord. If you’ve seen him holding stallions at bay at stud sessions or helping with difficult foalings, you know why.

Places of Interest

Llamskir’s Horse Ranch (Stables)
Tirin’s Horse Ranch (Stables)
Burilla’s Horse Ranch (Stables)
Kryson Horse Ranch (Stables)
Lord Woodbrand’s Keep
The Sheltering Hand (Temple of Tymora)
The Sounds of Joy (Temple of Lliira)
Nightstar Guiding & Outfitters (Shop)
The Moon and Stars (Tavern)
Beruintar’s Hone Warmer (Inn)
The Cup and Spoon (Inn)
The Old Man (Inn)
Silver Wink (Inn)

People of Interest

Lord Filfar Woodband


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